Joe Trippi's Blog and Book

Joe Trippi's Blog and Book.

Joe Trippi has a blog and a new book: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.
I'm going to read it. Winner-takes-all politics tend to obscure
important inflection points. Howard Dean did not win the nomination.
But his campaign and Joe Trippi's use of the Internet was the start of
something big and smartmobby.

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When Joe Trippi signed on to manage Howard Dean's 2004 presidential
campaign, the long-shot candidate had 432 known supporters and $100,000
in the bank. Within a year, Trippi and his energetic but inexperienced
team had transformed the most obscure horse in the field into a
front-runner, creating a groundswell of 640,000 people and raising more
money than any Democrat in history — more than fifty million dollars
— mostly through donations of one hundred dollars or less.

This is the story of how Trippi's revolutionary use of the Internet
and an impassioned, contagious desire to overthrow politics as usual
grew into a national grassroots movement and changed the face of
politics forever. But it's also more than that.

It's about how to engage Americans in real dialogue, how
business leaders, government leaders, and anyone else can make use of
the most revolutionary idea to come along since man first learned to
light a fire. No … not the Internet. Or computers. Or


For those who thought the Dean campaign ended with a screaming
speech in an Iowa ballroom, this book is a wake-up call. Joe Trippi
explains how — right now — Internet democracy is trans forming every
aspect of American life by evenly distributing power. He reveals
innovations that are on the horizon, which companies are poised to
become first-movers in this new era, and which are in danger of being
left behind. [Smart Mobs]

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