It's Here!

It's Here!.

here: Groove Virtual Office v3.0. We also launched this updated web
site; we certainly hope you find this site easier to navigate than the
previous one, and hopefully it presents the information you need.
There's lots of new content. To learn more about v3.0, I recommend, the
whitepaper written by Patricia Seybold Group analyst David Marshak, and
our updated product demo. You can find both of these on our homepage, under featured content. In addition, there's our What's New in V3.0 document, the product backgrounder, our user's guide, the “getting started” guide and our Quick Reference Guides as well. If you want to read our press releases on v3.0, or those from some of our partners, check out this page. We're extremely interested in your feedback on the product as well as this web site. The forums
is where we would like your feedback on the product. Meanwhile, if you
have comments about how this web site could be improved, please send
them in an email to We'll be highlighting new aspects of the product and this web site in the days and weeks to come. In the meantime, GET GROOVE.  [ Weblog]

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