Chris Garrett says that Seth Godin is wrong about SEO

Chris Garrett says that Seth Godin is wrong about SEO.

Chris Garrett takes on
Seth Godin's point that search engine optimization doesn't matter. I
actually agree with Chris. But, both miss the real point: your
company/group could get around the SEO problem by making products that
are remarkable.

What do I mean? Well, if your product is remarkable, people will
remark about it. Er, talk about it. Blog about it. IM about it. E-mail
about it.

Here's a hint: get three bloggers with a PageRank of seven or higher
to link to you and you'll almost always get listed on the first page of
Google results. Is that hard to do? Not really. Just start an
interesting blog! Or have an interesting product. Look at how many
mentions of Google's Gmail have happened on blogs lately. Or, how many
people talk about their Apple iPods. For my own blog, I'll always be
happy to link to interesting stuff.

And that won't even cost you thousands of dollars in SEO fees. [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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