CivicSpace: Distributed Organizing Toolkit

CivicSpace: Distributed Organizing Toolkit.

I was thrilled to meet a young man by the name of Zack Rosen at SXSW this year, and more thrilled when he told me that his reading of Smart Mobs was a key inspiration behind his effort to create the infrastructure for Deanspace. He's been working on a toolkit for community organizing of the kind that drove the Dean campaign. Based on Drupal, the civic organizing toolkit was designed to be easy to use and cost less than $50/month. It's called CivicSpace. Check it out. It should be available soon.

CivicSpace is being built with the needs of distributed organizations in mind. It will give you and the supporters within your community a solid framework for organizing and engaging those around you in action. But it also will allow you to plug your community into a network of other communities where you can share your ideas, knowledge, relationships, and organizational information. . . . [Smart Mobs]

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