More reaction to Joel's API War post flows in

More reaction to Joel's API War post flows in.

The reaction to Joel Spolsky's API Wars piece keeps coming in.

Prasenjeet Dutta: Right or wrong, Joel scored a slam dunk. …It is not clear that soldiering on with the Raymond Chen approach1, with its 80s era design, would have solved anything.

Larry O'Brien: mciSendString(“Wrong, Joel”). “That Microsoft APIs must now compete for favor with APIs from Palo Alto, SourceForge, or where-have-you is true, but that's vastly different than losing. The game is barely afoot.

Dotnetfinserv: One Run-time to Rule them all. “All things being equal, Joel makes some very articulate & valid points about the challenges & frustrations inherent in hitching one's wagon to Microsoft…I just think his crystal ball needs some Windex.”

Dennis Hamilton: Rich Client, Poor Client, Smart Client, Web Client. “I have never considered substituting Hotmail and web-based distributed-learning applications for the fat-client Outlook and FirstClass on my desktop. I will be happier when I can operate my blogs from the desktop and not the browser.”

[Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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