My hobby: studying how people use technology

My hobby: studying how people use technology.

Brian Bailey (the guy who invited me to take a tour of the church) has been “all-Scoble-all-the-time” this week. But, he added comments, and I like his writing style.

He has a ton of interesting stuff he's learned from his work. I can't wait to see if he starts sharing it.

Oh, and get that 15-year-old C# phenom, James Reggio, to start a blog. He's building some real interesting apps and I'd love to hear his perspective on the industry. The kids usually see stuff that the rest of us miss.

Anyway, I am always looking to meet people who are doing interesting things with technology. Please do let me know if you are doing something interesting.

Stuff like using .NET to run the largest pistachio processing plant in America.

By the way, learning about this stuff is my hobby. Microsoft didn't pay a dime for me to visit the Dallas church on Monday. I was on vacation. Same for the processing plant.

I love meeting geeks and seeing what they do. I can't wait for the geek dinner next Wednesday night because there's a ton of interesting people coming.  [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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