With Data Analysis, Less Isn't More

  • eWeek – USA – With Data Analysis, Less Isn't More.

    Companies don't know what they're missing with Web analytics.

    One of the major concerns in technology nowadays is that too much data is being gathered about us–that the government, corporate America and various unscrupulous persons are using powerful data-analysis tools to invade our privacy.

    This is a valid concern, and many eWEEK columnists have written about the need to staunchly and vigilantly protect personal privacy and the privacy of customers and business partners.

    However, there are times when picking apart data is the right thing to do. But as I wrote in my review of Web analysis tools this week, many organizations aren't effectively analyzing the data they do have to improve their business.

    What's more troubling, perhaps, is many companies that purchase powerful analysis and business-intelligence tools don't use them effectively. Users of these products often generate the most basic and obvious reports and never get their hands dirty with the deep-analysis tools.  [Privacy Digest]

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