Tablet Love

Tablet Love

I love the TabletPC. One reason is that, like many writers, I have an abiding love for the physical act of putting pen to paper (or, for the past 18 months, pen to screen). I have a few “nice” pens, a couple Mont Blancs, two Watermans, and I use those for writing letters, not emails, to friends and family. I write my journal with a Waterman. Written expression need not be just in the choice of words, it can be in the looseness of the stroke — the precision of the lettering — the addition of arrows and position

Also, the Tablet is a software developers dream. The Tablet PC is proof of the .NET strategy. Ink is a low-level, first-class OS object. It never lags behind a pen moving at full speed. And yet, all ink capabilities are exposed via a clean, well-designed OO api. You can begin coding against the ink API in minutes. Yet, the things you can do with the ink are limited only by your creativity.

Need I point out that there will be 1,000,000 Tablet PCs in the field soon and yet there is virtually no competition for those who would sell software to Tablet PC owners? For those who dream of opportunity in the software field, the Tablet PC should be embraced. A powerful, easy-to-use SDK, a market unserved and a form-factor which begs for new applications.

What's not to love?

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