Improvement Opportunity

Improvement Opportunity. What area of your workflow could you improve?

What would you focus on if you had an extra 18 inches of clear space on your desk?

How many new ideas could you come up with if you spent 20 minutes engaged with one project?

Is there a key person in your work or life with whom you could clarify expectations?

Is there an action you could take on something just to get a piece of it started before you HAVE to?

I was glancing through the Selling Power magazine this month and read a letter from publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner.

Citing the importance of on the job thinking, he outlined a few areas sales managers can improve to maximize productivity. The areas he suggests we consider improving:
– Strategy
– People
– Learning
– Change
– Yourself

Reading through the article, I'm reminded of the profound effect small and consistent habits create. If I do a “little something” each day, I often reach new heights faster, easier and with more enthusiasm than if I try to do something big, at once.

I especially appreciated the “prompts” Gerhard gives to improve oneself:

Do I build bridges between people and tear down walls between groups of people?
Do I rank integrity above performance?
Do I encourage others to orbit around issues, not people?
Do I strive for balance in my life?

Neat questions…  [Jason Womack]

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