InfoWorld on Visual Studio 2005

InfoWorld on Visual Studio 2005. InfoWorld has a very interesting article about Microsoft's forthcoming Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio Team products. The article starts out by pointing out that Microsoft has gone through some painful times lately with a trail of broken promises and slipped dates but goes on to say that both of these products should restore some of the faith lost by recent missteps. The VS Team product in particular sounds very interesting, providing coordinated version control and bug tracking amongst other features. The article suggests that the “1.0” version will lack many true enterprise features but it sounds like a substantial step forward for Microsoft regardless. I was particularly pleased to see the profile of C++ being raised again and a backing off from the C# hard sell. I'm growing to like C# but I don't think there is “one true language” so attempting to browbeat an entire community (C++ developers) to switch languages seems a fruitless journey to me. Similarly, I don't see Java developers switching en masse to C#, despite the availability of Microsoft's own Visual J# and the rapidly maturing Mono project (which went Beta 2 today!).  … [An Architect's View]

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