Desktop to Go

Desktop to Go. Keep Your Desktop in Your Pocket

“If you’re really hardcore about traveling light, you might want to become the ultimate road warrior and dispense with your laptop or PDA altogether and get M-System’s Xkey 2.0, a USB key drive with a 32-bit processor inside it that lets you run programs right off of it. The idea is to have everything you need for work (email, databases, Java applets) stored on the portable drive, and then you can just plug it into any PC you can find (maybe hotels could even offer loaner laptops to business travelers), and you have a fully functional workstation, exactly like the one you use at work. Even better than that? Unplug it from the PC and it leaves no traces of your work behind — the Xkey 2.0 even removes web browser cookies and all temporary files.” [Engadget]

Can you imagine the look on librarians' faces when patrons start bringing in devices like these and expect to be able to plug them into our public access computers?  [The Shifted Librarian]

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