creating a network on a Mac

creating a network on a Mac. Something else I wanted to mention about our trip back from Vegas. We didn't have time to share all of our pictures together and no one had blank cd's on the plane, so I decided to try out the 'Create Network…” feature on my Powerbook. Unbelievable! My 'windows' companions were able to mount my machine as if it was a server, wirelessly and at 10 Mb/sec. It got even better when I was trading out video and audio files via iChat with Katja who was 12 rows back through Rendevous networking. We didn't try it, but I'm confident our iSights' would've worked as well.

Ofcourse broadcasting a signal of any kind on a passenger airliner is illegal and potentially hazardous, so I don't recommend this, but it sure was fun! Naturally I kept an eye on the inflight moving maap system to verufy our navigational equipment was still steering us in an easternly direction. Being a base station wears on the battery, so the fun didn't last all that long. Just waiting for laptop power to become available on more flights 🙂

BTW, in lieu of my previous post, shouldn't airliners be aware that potentially dangerous terroists can easily create wireless networks aboard planes?  [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

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