Project Logging

Project Logging.

Blogging Behind the Firewall

“Our internal use of Weblogs has greatly accelerated, and we’re beginning to see more tangible benefits as we’ve begun to reach a critical mass of internal contributors….

Since then, my team has been using the blog-driven IT roadmap in weekly staff meetings as a platform to discuss the initiatives we have completed and to look ahead to new ones. Our meetings no longer have agendas or redundant handouts, because we don’t need them. Of course, some items have dropped off our master plan altogether, and new ones have been added, but the important point is that our master plan is always updated and readily available on our intranet, and any changes are distributed via RSS to anyone who wants to see them. Aside from the public Weblog, we maintain our own Weblog for more technical documentation, which has raised our level of internal documentation by several orders of magnitude already.

Our internal use of Weblogs doesn’t stop there. Software Engineer Kevin Varley has created “Varley’s Project Notes,” his own Weblog to keep notes on his development projects. Kevin makes inventive use of the comment functionality available in Movable Type. After outlining coding and debugging tasks in posts with titles such as “Taxonomy Terror,” Kevin uses the comments feature to make additional notes about how his initial assumptions ultimately played out.

Weblogs are not just for the hard-core techies. Our editorial staff recently started its own Weblog to share updated style guides, edit calendars, and other tools of the trade. I’m looking forward to seeing what unexpected points of leverage they achieve with their Weblog. It’s amazing how a system so simple and easy can produce such profound results.” [InfoWorld, via Tomalak's Realm]

I hadn't thought to use the comments in this fashion, but it's a great idea. I think I'm going to set up my own personal blog for the next two months' worth of my projects for our upcoming merger.  [The Shifted Librarian]

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