Why Windows is a Security Nightmare

  • techuser.net – Why Windows is a Security Nightmare.

    Security in all mainstream operating systems is non-existent; however, things are especially bad for Windows. Windows happens to be the favorite target of worm and virus writers. Conventional wisdom suggests that the huge installed base of Windows helps spread the worms and viruses, and also makes it a highly attractive target for worm/virus writers. The installed base of Windows certainly has an undeniable effect on the prevalence of malware on Windows, but this is not all there is to it.

    Worms and viruses are so stunningly effective on Windows only because Windows provides some atrocious functionality which makes it easy for worms to strike. It might seem counterintuitive but Windows Registry, and a misdesigned Windows Update are the primary culprits that create a hospitable environment for worms and other malware.

    A typical Windows system follows a simple lifecycle: it starts out with a clean Windows installation, which gradually deteriorates as programs are installed, and uninstalled. Eventually, the Windows registry accumulates so much crud that the user is forced to do a clean install. When a user does a clean install that user's system loses all the previously applied security updates, and becomes a sitting duck for worms and other malware.

    Things wouldn't be so bad if the user was able to update the new system with security patches painlessly, but Windows Update makes it very hard to do so. My personal experience with the killer duo is an enlightening example of how all of this works.  [Privacy Digest]

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