Writing mentor Lisa Firke is getting ready for Tinderbox Weekend by cleaning up her paper files:

“Tinderbox is brilliant for collecting and tracking information, so I'm seeing if I can use it to make a digital key to my paper filing system…his is not just an exercise in what to purge and what to keep. It's how to keep so I can retrieve, because as any organizing guru will tell you, if you can't find it, you don't really have it.”

Her problems include lots of files, accordion boxes, file drawers, skinny cupboards, trunks of tax records, and of course lots of writing.

“f I had all my files in one gigantic credenza, I don't think I would want or even think to make a key or an index to them. But with my files stashed in these different areas, I probably need some sort of breadcrumb trail to help me remember what I've stuck where. And, even if I don't, I could use the practice with Tinderbox.”

“So I make a digital file that's a key to my paper files. I have four locations, so I make containers that are also agents that can search notes for the filePlace attribute. I also want to be able to track by projectName (as opposed to file name), by relationship (client, writing buddy, my stuff), and by genre. More agents.”  [Mark Bernstein]

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