Guardian.   The statement below is more than true.  I spent some time checking this out and most positions, from analyst to senior analyst positions, require only a high school diploma and an active security clearance.  The security clearance is the only gating factor.  If a bachelors is required, the experience required is minimal.  This is absolutely unnacceptable and very, very disturbing.  If we lose the war on terrorism, and there are strong indicators that we will, the low quality of the people we have fighting it is going to be a major factor.  What is even more disturbing is that there are dozens of companies that are making buckets of money on this farce.

Torin Nelson, who served as a military intelligence officer at Guantánamo Bay before moving to Abu Ghraib as a private contractor last year, blamed the abuses on a failure of command in US military intelligence and an over-reliance on private firms.

He alleged those companies were so anxious to meet the demand for their services, they sent “cooks and truck drivers” to work as interrogators.

“Military intelligence operations need to drastically change in order for something like this not to happen again,” Mr Nelson told the Guardian.

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