Astoundingly Easy Powerbook Upgrade

Astoundingly Easy Powerbook Upgrade. I'm in awe of Apple. I just finished getting my new Powerbook running and it was astoundingly easy. Having spent many years in the Windows camp, I'm conditioned to think that moving all your programs, data, and settings from one computer to another is supposed to take an entire weekend and be a very tedious and error-prone process.

Not on the Mac.

I used a firewire cable to copy all the data from the old Powerbook to the new one.  I literally copied the whole hard disk–there's more than enough free disk space. Migrating my applications was a matter of finding the old apps and dragging their icons from the old location to the new Applications folder. Moving my preferences and settings was a matter of pulling nearly everything from ~/Library on the old machine and dropping it onto the new one.

That's basically it. I think the machine to machine copy took the longest, but really don't know. That happened while I was sleeping last night. …. [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]

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