Vivi­simo.  Another resource that Mr. Price pointed out at the BayNet meeting….

Vivísimo is a clustering search engine. What does that mean, you might ask? The search engine automatically clusters search results into categories that are selected from the words and phrases in the search results themselves. The interface is intuitive and the clusters are almost always right-on-target (an exception being that “dog” is the top cluster for a search on “cat”).

Sample search for “The Grateful Dead” brings back the following top clusters & # of results: Photos (33), Art (19), Lyrics (13), CD (17), Radio (5), Rock (15), Community (7), Live Grateful Dead (6), Grateful Dead Merchandise (11), Long strange trip (5). Pretty cool, huh?

Vivísimo also has a toolbar and a minibar.

Now if only Google, Vivísimo, and GuruNet could get together for one uber-engine, I'd be out of a job…  [LibrarianInBlack]

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