Even as DVD Revenues Continue to Increase….

Even as DVD Revenues Continue to Increase…..

Consumer Frustration

“Maybe it's just me, but I am frustrated by movies on DVD. It seems that the makers of the DVDs have a lot more control over my viewing experience than I do. Lately when I insert a DVD and attempt to play it I am directed to coming attractions. In some cases I can't even fast forward through them, and must skip chapters instead. When I hit the Menu button I am forced to endure a sequence from the movie before the actual menu appears.

DVDs represent an additional revenue stream for movie companies. I have purchased the DVD. When does the movie company believe that they should control my viewing experience? Is it strange of me to expect that when I give the player a command, it should do it, as opposed to letting someone else dictate what I can do?…

Perhaps the movie companies might give a thought as to what the consumer actually wants.” [larry borsato]

[The Shifted Librarian]

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