Why We Are Losing The War on Terrorism

Why We Are Losing The War on Terrorism. CACI, a private military company that provides security and intelligence workers to the US military (including interrogators at the Abu Ghraib prison), is conducting a probe of their employee in Iraq.  I had a look at CACIs site and was a little disturbed by what I found (they have pulled many of their listings for employment last night — so I can't link).  The only qualifications for a senior counter-terrorist intelligence analyst, one that the US military pays well over one hundred thousand $$ for (my estimate based on experience in military contacting), is a high school diploma and a security clearance.  Is a security clearance the most important qualification for being an analyst??? This isn't an isolated instance, my review of the field shows that problems like this are rampant (low pay, limited qualifications, etc.).

Fighting terrorism is 90% intelligence and 10% action (a total reversal of traditional ratios).  If this is the best our government can do, we are in for a world of hurt.

We desperately need adult supervision and high quality minds in the intelligence business!  I am growing more convince that the security clearance process, the government hiring/promotion process, and information silos are overwhelming our ability to get even a marginally adequate level of intelligence needed to fight terrorism.  Wow, this is depressing.

My confident belief (100%):  we will continue to lose the war on terrorism until we fix our intelligence system. [John Robb's Weblog]

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