Bush and the Saudis

Bush and the Saudis

A letter to the editor in today's WSJ ($) makes a very good point:

15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis, and Osama bin Laden is a Saudi. Islamic fundamentalism began in Wahabbist schools in Saudi Arabia. There is an absolute connection between Iran and Syria and terrorists. Each one of the above countries is run by tyrannical regimes. Each brutalizes its population. Yet I haven't heard any calls to attack any of them. In fact, Saudi Arabia is seen as an ally.

I've long thought Bush's Saudi ties and the kid glove treatment his administration seems to give the Saudis are among his major weaknesses. Interestingly, Kerry seems to see an opening here too:

John Kerry on Monday voiced unwavering support for special U.S. ties with Israel and vowed to end “sweetheart relationships” with Arab countries like Saudi Arabia that he said funded terror. …

Offering a guarantee he would maintain the close U.S.-Israel relationship if he were elected president on Nov. 2, Kerry said: “I understand not just how we do that, but also how we end this sweetheart relationship with a bunch of Arab countries that still allow money to move to Hamas and Hezbollah and Al Aqsa Brigade.”

I could see this becoming a substantial issue in the debate. And it should. A rethink of our relationship with the Saudis seems long overdue.  [ProfessorBainbridge.com]

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