Agreement! At last!

Agreement! At last!.

Since we seem to spend most of our time of late squabbling, I wanted to point out that I completely agree with Anthony Rickey here:

Incidentally, if you're lucky enough to find a companion during your 1L year, seize that particular opportunity with both hands. I'm going to break my standard policy of not talking about my personal life to say that finding someone understanding of a 1L's schedule, who can put up with the fact that you're available only at odd hours and that your one instant topic of conversation regards your workload, is an circumstance of tender mercy.


I'm a big believer in the “I do better work when I'm chirpy” crowd. You rest better, you take less time to return to productive modes after getting blitzed by too much work. I talk about my personal life a little bit more than Anthony on here, but I'm going to add something else. It also helps to date a 1L who doesn't mind arguing with you.

Especially, if like me, you cheerily and rabidly apply the law to everything (note: the following is not Anthony Rickey's reasoning for having a significant other, I suspect).

This morning, I woke up early (probably around 6). It was an immediate waking–I opened my eyes, and my brain snapped into work mode. Since we have two days left in class, I've been outlining and working on a final paper. I've been working on property, preparatory to taking a practice final before our professor goes over it with us.

“Hey,” I said rolling over, “I was just thinking about the rule against perpetuities.”

Whoops. He wasn't awake–uh–or–well … he is now. “Oh. My. God.” He answered. But did he say, “What time is it?” Did he say “Why in god's name are you thinking about the rule against perpetuities?” Did he say “Leave me alone and go back to sleep?”

No. He said, “What about the rule against perpetuities?”

Feeling cheerily unmerciful, I proceeded. “See, we can't really read Jee v. Audley too broadly, right? If someone says “to the children of B who reach 5 years old” we don't imagine that B could wait around a while, marry someone not born at the time of conveyance, impregnate her, kick the bucket, and then have her just have a really really late pregnancy, where she carries the child for twenty years, thus making it an invalid conveyance.”

First thing in the morning, I'm telling you, and he didn't skip a beat. Significant others are great.  [Letters of Marque]

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