Zinni on the offensive:

For years Zinni said he cautioned U.S. officials that an Iraq without Saddam Hussein would likely be more dangerous to U.S. interests than one with him because of the ethnic and religious clashes that would be unleashed. “I think that some heads should roll over Iraq,” Zinni said. “I think the president got some bad advice.”  Known as the “Warrior Diplomat,” Zinni is not a peace activist by nature or training, having led troops in Vietnam, commanded rescue operations in Somalia and directed strikes against Iraq and al Qaeda.

I've been called a traitor and a turncoat for mentioning these things,” said Zinni, 60.  (MY NOTE:  The administration's approach to knowledgeable critics is a disaster.)

He told an overflow crowd that the United States tries to grapple with individual issues in Middle East instead of seeing them as elements of a broader question. “We need to step back and get a grand strategy,” he said.

[John Robb's Weblog]

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