WiFi Bump

WiFi Bump.

I just spent a cranky hour trying to figure out why my WiFi network would appear, then vanish, then flicker back, and then vanish again, every few seconds.

The airports looked happy — and busy. And I could see other networks in the vicinity (including a new network, another neighbor no doubt). But good old extreme porch kept flickering on and off.

Eventually, power cycling seems to have cured the problem. But it wasn't fun — and who're you gonna call?

Seriously, this is an interesting business problem. All sorts of things we all use all the time can break, and sometimes it's not obvious, even to a pretty technical guy, what might be broken. This will only get worse, as our phones use the internet, our cars use WiFi to fill up their MP3 players and to tell us about the maintenance needs, and everything wants to sync with our calendars. Meanwhile, my Treo tells me that today is Easter, twice.

I think this is a business opportunity… [Mark Bernstein]

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