Five of the Best Free Internet Security/Privacy Utilities

  • – India – Five of the Best Free Internet Security/Privacy Utilities.

    With almost every second home PC having Internet access, security and privacy are major concerns these days. Internet viruses are constantly lurking over the Web, hunting for vulnerable machines to attack. And if that was not enough, you have these malicious spyware and other nuisances to watch out for. There was a time when Anti-virus software was considered adequate to protect PCs from virus threats over the Internet. Today, with broadband and cable connections providing the Internet access, the issue of privacy is always around the corner and the average home user needs more than just a virus guard to protect his computer.

    Software developers are certainly up to the task and are churning out powerful tools and utilities to ensure protection. Most of these utilities promise comprehensive security but carry a hefty price tag, which the common user cannot afford. There are few utilities, which provide basic security and virus protection for free. We have hand picked five of the best freeware that provide adequate security and protection without the extra bells and whistles that come with the paid versions. These might not be recommended for corporate use, but home users can certainly take advantage of them and protect their computers for free.  [Privacy Digest]

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