Sputnik launches new Linux-based indoor/outdoor AP for only $250!

Sputnik launches new Linux-based indoor/outdoor AP for only $250!. My friends over at Sputnik just launched a new, indoor/outdoor AP, the Sputnik AP 200. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall stay these rugged, high-powered APs from distributing Wi-Fi for a distance of miles, with optional external antenna, of course.

The specs rock:

  • 200 mW transmit antenna
  • environmentally sealed and tested in temperatures ranging from -4° F to 158° F
  • works with a variety of directional and omni-directional antennas (Sputnik sells a bunch)
  • supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), so you can deploy them anywhere
  • uses transmit power control, so you can reduce interference and increase bandwidth
  • plug-n-play provisioning, making it a snap to grow your network
  • WDS repeater range of over 3 miles

Of course, the real magic is in the Sputnik Control Center software (disclaimer, I had something to do with developing it…) that lets you authenticate and track users centrally, and build a managed wireless network from the ground up just by plugging APs into broadband.

Best news of all: this baby is only $250. You can start a hotzone for as little as $595, which is the special price for a Sputnik AP 200, a Sputnik AP 160 and corresponding Sputnik Central Control license.

Great work, guys!  [Sifry's Alerts]

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