Software cinema verité

Software cinema verité.

A growing number of vendors now use Flash videos to augment the obligatory lists of customers, features, and benefits that they publish on their marketing pages. It's a strategy I highly recommend. What hadn't occurred to me, until it happened this week, was that users might do this for you! [Full story at]

Here's Paul Everitt, whose spontaneous act of software demonstration motivated the column:

It's funny how these things happen. I put very little consideration into making that narrated demo. I had posted something about XSLT and said it was easier than advertised. In a weblog comment, someone asked for evidence to back up my assertion. I offered to make a recording, he took me up on the offer, and I spent 15 minutes with no post-production to respond to him. [Zope Dispatches]

Exactly. “15 minutes with no post-production” is doable on a whim. When the activation threshold is low enough, things can happen that otherwise wouldn't. [Jon's Radio]

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