Lind on strategic bombing in Spain:

The whole notion that the 21st century can suddenly revert to the 18th and governments can fight wars in which the people and vital national interests are not involved is absurd.  That is the real lesson of the Spanish election.  War is no longer a “game of princes.”  The people are involved, and Fourth Generation opponents know how to make sure they are intensely involved, by bringing the war home to them.

The Washington Times quoted a Pentagon official as saying of the Spanish election, “This was a big defeat for us.  Al Qaeda caused a regime change better than we did in Baghdad.  No cost.”  That is exactly correct.  Using the simplest of technologies, al Qaeda or whatever Fourth Generation organization did it, undertook a strategic bombing campaign of unprecedented effectiveness.  Their backpacks outperformed our B-2 bombers.

[John Robb's Weblog]

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