I tried Onfolio, mentioned by Ray Ozzie this morning.  Onfolio is an IE 'sidebar' for clipping information you find on the web and share them via e-mailing.  You can save webpages locally and search them later.  You can also launch it on its own as a 'deskbar'.  Onfolio Publisher is just a simple HTML editor that saves in MHTML format.  Standard version cost $20+ and Pro version costs $50 more.  Publisher is available only in the Pro version.

Onfolio reminded me of a product I designed long time ago that allowed web users to record their browsing sessions online and share them with friends.  Mine used a VCR metaphor so it's different from Onfolio in that respect but collecting and sharing is the same.

Onfolio is a neat product, but I didn't enjoy the UI at all.  Sidebar UI was too restricting and deskbar UI had window overlapping problem.  Online Publisher was too simple as a 'report' editor.  Onfolio is written in .NET so I felt it was too heavy for the benefits it provided.  .NET is cool but it's not yet ready for everyday desktop use, particularly if it is a utility running all the time.  I think I would have like it more if it had more blogging support and smaller footprint.  Too bad.  [Don Park's Daily Habit]

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