More on Onfolio — cool .NET client

More on Onfolio — cool .NET client.

So, what's Onfolio?

First, the screen captures (here's a PNG, same thing as GIF — that's a screen capture of my browser Window on my Tablet PC — Onfolio is designed to work with IE only at this point, sorry).

Onfolio is the most useful .NET client app that I've seen so far.

As I surf around I drag things into my list. Then I can right click and do a whole bunch of things. I can create a web page/report for my team (or, for other important people). I can email them around.

But, it lets me stay organized as I go around the Web. It really is like a Favorites list on steroids.

The Onfolio site has a good tour and other marketing aides. I'd be happy to answer questions or give examples.

By the way, one correction: JJ Allaire is behind this. Jeremy is a different person (Jeremy was there which confused me). Sorry about that!).

What would I like to see? A Web service architecture so that as soon as I dropped things into my folder, my teammate's Onfolio's would also show them. If they did that then they'd have something really wild and disruptive.  [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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