Sen. Nelson: Outsourced Jobs Threat To Privacy

  • The Ledger – Lakeland,FL,USA – Sen. Nelson: Outsourced Jobs Threat To Privacy.

    WASHINGTON — Sen. Bill Nelson added a twist Thursday to the debate about American service jobs being sent overseas by arguing that the trend poses a risk to consumer privacy.

    Nelson, a Florida Democrat, told an annual meeting of consumer watchdog groups that U.S. privacy laws need to be strengthened to cover foreign companies hired by American banks, hospitals and other companies to perform services that require confidential medical and financial data.

    “Your bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, stock holdings and credit card numbers are being shipped abroad, beyond the reach of U.S. privacy laws,” he said at the Consumer Federation of America meeting.

    “American consumers are largely powerless to stop the misuse of sensitive information in foreign countries.” Nelson added.

    Nelson said his staff is drafting legislation meant to prevent private information from being sent overseas without adequate protection. American companies are turning more often to foreign labor for many service jobs because it is cheaper and technology has made it more feasible.  [Privacy Digest]

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