interviewed by ZDNet

interviewed by ZDNet. Linux is Not About Free

John Patrick, former IBM VP, pioneer of the Internet, and now a member of the Opera (a browser that supports Linux) board was interviewed by ZDNet UK and talks, among other things, about where browsers are going and why he sees Linux not as free software, but rather as software that offers more freedom of choice.

You might enjoy the article not only for Patrick's point of view — he's interested in the fact that web access devices are proliferating widely (and wildly) and that PC's (which is the market Microsoft controls) are becoming a smaller part of that larger market.  He believes, as do many others, that this gives other players an opportunity to provide operating systems, browsers, and other software.

I especially enjoyed John's brief comment on the SCO suit, showing his inherent faith in Linux as a technology whose time has come.

Don't miss the talkback — it's as much fun as the article.  [amywohl News]

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