Passport support for an arm and a leg

Passport support for an arm and a leg.

At, we're building a new support site, and we thought it would be nice to let our customers log in using their .NET Passport account. Since they're all Windows developers, most of them already have a Passport through their MSDN subscriptions. My enthusiasm was quickly dampened when I checked the website:

There are two fees for licensing Passport: a periodic compliance testing fee of US$1,500 per URL and a yearly provisioning fee of US$10,000 per company.

$11,500 per year may be great deal for Ebay, but it's a bit excessive to provide a minor convenience to only a few thousand active customers. It's great to have .NET Passport authentication support in the .NET Framework, but what's the use if only a handful of companies find it economical to take advantage of it?  [Live @]

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