Help: Any Outlook 2003 Gurus Out there?

Help: Any Outlook 2003 Gurus Out there?.

Are there any Outlook 2003 users out there that can explain why getting S/IMAP data sucks big time? Both Thunderbird and Outlook Express works awesomely fast checking mail on the same system, and never hangs. Yet Outlook seems to stall, timeout and take its frigging time. To top it off, its threading SUCKS… its not done in the background very well. When its downloading headers I cannot basically read any other mail, reducing my productivity significantly. The app just hangs until the download is done, assuming it ever finishes. Right now its been sitting saying “Send/Receive Status 98%” for over the last hour, and I can't check my mail in the folder its hung on. It this happen a LOT.

Basically its really unresponsive, slow and clunky. I can see why Chris Pirillo dropped it. Yet others say their's works great. There has to be some configuration issue here. Just not sure what. This is a brand new OS and app install. I really want to take advantage of the other features in Outlook, and can't do that if I can't even check my mail without issue.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a calendaring and contacts plugin for Thunderbird that will sync to Palm on XP? I will drop Outlook like a stone if I can get everything to work together.  [Dana Epp's ramblings at the Sanctuary]

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