Microsoft Security – don’t underestimate its secure future

Microsoft Security – don’t underestimate its secure future.

David Cartwright wrote an interesting entry about some of the stuff Microsoft is doing in the security arena. I have pointed out this throughout entries on my blog for some time now… but David has pieced together information about the “impressive security structure” that Microsoft is building.

To summarize his findings:

  • Security on the Motherboard – The Phoenix BIOS / Microsoft connection
  • Hardware protection against buffer overflows
  • NGSCB: Next Generation Secure Computing Base
  • More secure APIs
  • Secure Programming
  • Improved tools for deployment and patching
  • Some features turned off by default; Secure settings turned on by default;
  • Expanded channels of communications with customers
  • Security training for channel partners

Sound interesting? You should read his post.

In the face of recent vulnerabilities found (Eeye marks their latest findings “as the biggest ever”), we have to realize that these are bugs that were written in years ago before Microsoft began taking security seriously. It will be some time before a lot of the best practices, methodologies and technologies start to work in our favour.  [Dana Epp's ramblings at the Sanctuary]

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