Expression Engine

Expression Engine.

The folks at the AlwaysOn Networks use pmachine.  I wonder if ther they're gonna switch to to this.  I've heard about this new thing and it sounds pretty good.

PMachine is now Expression Engine.

Given that MoveableType has become the virtual gold standard in the world of blogging, the release of any new CMS hardly merits much attention. However, there is this new blogging software, Expression Engine, that has been released by the same team that brought to us PMachine. Infact, as Rick Ellis, the brains behind this effort explains it, this is the next generation PMachine. Now like I found that PMachine was a bit difficult to use, and moreover tough to customize from a design perspective. MT in comparison, once you got over the installation hassles was a breeze to do design mods.

I have been playing around with the beta software of Expression Engine for a while, and I have to say, this one is easy as it gets. While it is not for most of us who use TypePad, but it could be the low cost option to people with high end content management needs. Why? because it already does a lot of things MT 3.0 hopes to do. It has built in RSS feeds, email posting, moblogging features,  Multiple categories (for multiple weblogs, where each weblog can have its own independent set) and it allows you to create editorial workflow. (Define statuses like “first draft”, “pending”, “revision”, “final edit”, etc, in order to enable multiple authors to contribute to content.) Many pro-users would love this CMS, I am pretty sure of. Here is a tiny interview with Rick Ellis, the man behind PMachine, which is now based in my second favorite American state, Oregon.

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