Slashdot | Tivo Tracks Superbowl Viewing Habits

  • Slashdot | Tivo Tracks Superbowl Viewing Habits.

    ThePretender writes “Sprinkled in the Janet Jackson boob stories is an alarming bit of information: Tivo tracks subscribers' viewing habits. They know how many times the boob was viewed, among other good-to-have (meaning data worth $$) information. Yes, if you agreed to Tivo's privacy policy you knew they could do this, with the promise that you aren't identifiable. Put on the tin foil hats? Or just another way for them to keep your monthly fee down (snicker).” — A story from 2002 has more information and makes clear that Tivo does have the capability to record every click you make on the remote control, at all times. Previously Tivo said they tracked 10,000 people for the Super Bowl, this year 20,000.

    Just in case you were wondering – Yup the folks at TIVO know exactly how many times you went back over that two second click of Janet Jackson. smiley [Privacy Digest]

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