Howard Dean was masterful on Meet The Press. What's remarkable is the tension the interviewer creates inside me, a member of the audience, who he's supposed to be serving. I just want to hear what Dean has to say, I'm not all that interested in the trivial contradictions you think you've spotted. Then immediately after, switching to Reliable Sources, where they debated whether or not the networks were too hard on Dean, then switched to whether they were accountable for letting Bush and Powell lie about WMD's, without any challenges, before the US went to war in Iraq. They roast Dean for trivia, brainwash anyone who's stupid enough to watch, and give the Republicans a pass as they lie on their way to war. We seriously need someone who's not in the press to ask the questions. And I'd like to see some approval-rating polls about Russert and Blitzer. Why are these guys so untouchable? [Scripting News]

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