Quebec City Update

Quebec City Update.  For some reason the cloudtravel guide for Quebec City doesn't get as much activity as a number of the others (with Mardi Gras season coming up the New Orleans pages are now going gangbusters). The luke-warm interest in Quebec astounds me because I consider it the great unknown destination in all the Americas.

I just returned from a New Year's trip to Montreal and Quebec. Crazy? Damn likely, because on January 3 the morning temperature in Quebec City was lower than anything in Europe, including Moscow and Helsinki. The skies were full of purple color and the snow was lustrous. There are amazing things happening in Quebec that make it even more alluring than any time since UNESCO declared Old Quebec a World Heritage Site in 1985. Boutique hotels in Lower Town Quebec are fast setting the contintental standard for fresh, architecturally aware, non-pretentious, guest-friendly lodging.

The Quebec page has accordingly been updated, with a new section added for Old Montreal. Please visit and enjoy.  [cloudtravel]

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