Laszlo is kranking!

Laszlo is kranking!. Laszlo preview release.

Laszlo preview release

A preview release of Laszlo Presentation Server version 2.0 is now available. Woo hoo!

  • New Component Framework: All the components you expect in a web app plus a few more. This framework is fully laszlo-rrific — with the details you know and love from an OS GUI with all the cinematic user experience you've come to expect from a Laszlo app. The components support simple declaration, data binding, full scripting APIs, and keyboard navigation — whew!
  • KRANK Optimizer: Every web engineer worries about performance. Here's something for the Laszlo bag o' tricks. This new “instant-on” technology allows developers to optimize an application so that it will start immediately once downloaded.
  • Live examples in the Documentation: I use this feature all the time. With a single click you can modify and recompile examples.
  • Better and cooler data binding: if you liked data binding and replication from v1, you're gonna love the new $path expression.

The components were my main gig on this release, jamming with Bret Simister, Peter Andrea, and the gang. I think this may be the first component set created entirely in declarative XML. The complete source code for the components is included with the developer edition. You can check out a component example which you change the style to see the components in different colors. The components use a new “Ultra Pixel” font created especially for Laszlo by Truth in Design.

Download LPS 2.0 Developer Edition and try it yourself. [Sarah Allen's Weblog]

Laszlo Systems continues to rock and roll.

Not only have they shown real world, major, scalable deployed apps (Behr Paint, Earthlink, Yahoo, etc.) but they're about to show something for Kodak and are working on…… (ooops can't tell  you!)

Anyway this 2.0 rocks and – gee – that copycat stuff from Macromedia ain't even in beta yet.  Smart developers will put their money on Laszlo.  [Marc's Voice]

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