Behr Paint gets press

Behr Paint gets press. More Interaction Equals More Value.

More Interaction Equals More Value

“A new generation of development tools is emerging for building dynamic, highly interactive Web applications with rich-client interfaces incorporating data, graphics, audio, and video. … Analysts at research firm IDC predict this segment will make up a big part of the $3.1 billion portal market by 2006, as the future of Web applications will likely be rich-client interfaces using Web services to connect to powerful Java and .Net applications running on back-end servers.” — Information Week

Today's article by Rick Whiting highlights the Behr Paint web experience developed and deployed using the Laszlo Presentation Server. Rich internet applications are gaining momentum with analysts and press, as more great user experiences are enabled by this next generation technology. The article also mentions the wonderful Ben & Jerry's cones to cows created with Macromedia tools and another Laszlo app, the Howard Dean events calendar. [Sarah Allen's Weblog]

I've been waiting a while to tell you all about the Laszlo Behr paint app.  It's totally coolio, but I wanted someone else ot discover it first.

Go to and check out the ColorSmarts app.  Choose colors, which are automatically complemented – in various ways.  then see those colors applied to a particular kind of room.  Now alter the colors.  Any color: main, highlight or trim.  It's actually fun to do!  [Marc's Voice]

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