Forta Flex example

Forta Flex exampleForta Flex example: Ben has put up 40 lines of XML which the beta Flex server compiles into this SWF. The end result is a clientside tree navigation for two-score elements in multiple categories, with the source data provided by a live web service rather than statically compiled into the SWF or cached into a serverside XML data file. The source MXML file is a good example of how the markup holds, not just appearance, but also databindings and functionality. Imagine a designer and a developer working together on a larger project like this, each trying to do their job while passing the same FLA file back and forth, then compare how the local interactivity and databindings are clearly distinct from the appearance elements in this XML file… seems like larger projects will be simpler when abstracted like this…? [via David Bisset] [JD on MX]

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