Finally!. I love books. I love big bookstores with lots of books. I love big bookstores that are part of the community, which have intelligent employees who stock off-the-wall stuff, stuff that's good but maybe not well-known. I love quirky stores with employees who know and love books, who've been there for a decade and a half. I hate big bookstores filled with stacks and stacks of books, all published in the last year, all reviewed in major magazines, all pushing the edge of some best-seller list. So I'm delighted to hear that Borders has finally taken the trouble to negotiate a contract with their employees. Not to say that other bookstores aren't excellent as well, but I like breadth and depth in many areas. Huzzah. I hope that the contract was reasonable and that Borders #1 doesn't get rolled over by corporate cookie-cutting. Cookie-cutting? Cookie-cuttering? What's the right word anyways? [Letters of Marque]

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