Old wine in new vessels ?

Old wine in new vessels ?.

Where in the world did I hear this message before? At least the practice of tithing is well documented. It is a wheel that hardly takes fundamental innovation

His organization, NewTithing Group in San Francisco, has researched the giving patterns of wealthy Americans. Its conclusion: The rich could give more — about $107 billion more — simply by changing what and how they give. As a result, charities would feel billions of dollars richer, but the rich donors would hardly feel poorer. The key, the retired money manager and philanthropist believes, is in a 21st century update to the ancient biblical creed of tithing: Give, but give assets. “Tithing is wonderful,'' said Rosenberg, 75. “It got people thinking about sharing with others.

full report by John Boudreau Mercury News Jan. 1 [Smart Mobs]

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