Greenspun: “Thus did students who are within months of graduating with their $160,000 computer science degrees learn how modern information systems are actually built.” [Scripting News]

Ford on IM

Ford on IM. Ford on IM: Peter Ford, chief architect for MSN Messenger, speaks with Eric Allman in an ACM Queue interview. The first half is heavily about the various protocols, their history and adoption, but the latter half gets into the user experience of various types of messaging. Things that caught my eye included speculation… Continue reading Ford on IM

Cheap RegEx

Cheap RegEx. Cheap RegEx: Ben Forta posts regular-expressions to match the postal codes of US, Canada and UK, and others post similar handy expressions. This type of stuff is hard to find in search engines… most hits will point you to ways… [JD on MX]


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I did!