Geek products I'd like to see in 2004

Geek products I'd like to see in 2004. Opportunities

A single spindle 1000GB hard disk for < $500.
We're already at the dollar/GB mark if you buy at the 200GB->250GB sweet spot – if you factor in rebates you can get down to 60 cents per GB (a megaretailer recently had 250GB western digitals for $250 less $100 rebate). When the cost per GB drops by a factor of two and you can get a terrabyte on a single spindle, I'm ready to buy new drives for every computer (again). Now that I'm archiving video as well as audio, I can very easily see a family of five filling up over a terrabyte per year. At 50c/GB that's not an unreasonable burn rate for storage if you're even a moderate enthusiast.

[Don Box's Spoutlet]

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