Terry points to his rural telco cooperative that offers ADSL+ services (1 Mb Internet, DVD quality cable, and phone service).  Nice!  This really points to where things are going in telecom.  AOL, EarthLink, MSN, and other ISPs are going to have to become VoIP telcos, cable companies, and ISPs in order to survive.  It is interesting to imagine what could be done when you combine these three capabilities into a single service.

Next Level is the only company that has proven its ability to deliver a cable-competitive, full-service bundle using ADSL+ technology. Utilizing Next Level’s commercially proven platform, SCRTC members are able to deliver more than 1 Mbps of high-speed data, two streams of DVD quality digital video and integrated voice service at distances beyond 10,000 feet from the nearest central office or remote terminal.

“Next Level equipment cost us less than $1000 per sub, and today we’re delivering digital TV, high-speed Internet and telephone services over 1200 subscribers. We also heard that Next Level was a VDSL company, but the equipment works really well for ADSL. We honestly feel that our digital video services are higher quality, easier to install and more reliable than offerings from cable and satellite companies.” [John Robb's Weblog]

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