Americans – Fire Your Boss(es)

Americans – Fire Your Boss(es)

It is an ironic title for this article. In a democracy, the people are supposed to be the boss. But, of late, this arrangement too has been turned upside down. The President and Congress have become the bosses of the people, telling them whom they can marry, whom they can't, how much they have to pay (taxes) to stay in this country or stay out of jail. They tell us we have to pay to go anywhere in this “free land”. We have to pay taxes for the roads, pay for a driver's license to drive, taxes to fly, taxes to taxi, taxes to go by train, hell, they even tell us we have to pay taxes to talk to each other by phone, and coming soon, they will have us paying taxes to email each other. So much for “free” speech and “freedom of travel”.

But consider the following from the Libertarian Party web site:

Both parties in Congress have voted to give themselves dozens of special privileges — everything from free airport parking to health clubs to cheap haircuts to passing laws that do not apply to them. How different is this from the way that kings, queens, and dictators make demands of their citizens while they do what they please?

Both the Democrats and the Republicans vote to use our tax dollars to pay for their election campaigns and their conventions. Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are used for this every four years. They use our money for their purposes so that they don't have to use their own. Isn't it time that members of Congress pay their own bills instead of making us pay them?

Then, to make it harder to challenge their power, both parties have cooperated in enacting laws in almost every state that make it very difficult and extremely expensive for any other candidate to get on the ballot. Even billionaire Ross Perot has commented that the law in most states makes it difficult to get on the election ballot. If the business of Congress were anything other than politics, people would be calling for Congress and its members to be subject to anti-trust laws to prevent their monopoly from being abused ever again. Congress has done a good job to make sure that the laws they write to rule over others don't apply to Congress or its members!

And to add insult to injury, Congress has had no problem finding the time or spending the money to give themselves a big, fat raise. Wouldn't you love it if you only had to vote “yes” to get a huge raise whenever you wanted one! If nothing else, doesn't this make it clear that members of Congress see themselves as a special, privileged class?

So what do you say, folks, don't you think it is time we fired our bosses and took back the role for ourselves as was intended by our Founding Fathers? Just for grins and ventilating your frustration, try voting for someone, anyone, outside your party. Who knows, it could start a movement, and someday even open the door for representatives who take their orders from us, instead of the other way around.  [Third Party & Independents]

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