Visiting Bath, England by Train From London

Visiting Bath, England by Train From London

Bath, England is a simple, highly enjoyable one-and-a-half hour trip from London's Paddington Station. This trip is easily done as a day venture from London, but it is also great fun as an overnight adventure. It's simple and foolproof because you don't need a car. You get off the train station located south of town and walk right into the scenery. (You can't really make a wrong turn without getting your feet wet because the southern part of Bath is framed by the the River Avon.)

What's in Bath? Bath is the beautifully preserved, Jane Austen town of 18th century architecture with a history that resonates back to its ancient Roman baths (local council website). If you've seen the bustle of London, then compliment that experience with the calm Georgian elegance of a town like Bath. The Romans first made Bath famous in the 1st century with a network of baths that rely on the natural mineral springs gushing forth curative waters at a constant temperature of 116 degrees farenheit. Relics of the Roman Baths are still here for you to visit. So are the relics of Jane Austen, who lived at several addresses in Bath at the dawn of the 1800s.

Mostly, Bath is about soaking up the sights and architecture of a town that was designed to be as distinctive as anything a proud, wealthy and architecturally aware nation like Great Britian could imagine, design and build. John Wood the Elder is Bath's architectural godfather. He made creative use of Indigo Jones' Palladian style, and of the stone circles left from the Romans. The Royal Crescent connected 30 different houses in a graceful arc. Stop at No. 1 Royal Crescent to get an idea of this design feat.

If you want to stay in Bath it's pretty easy to do. Here is Tripadvisor's listing/rating of hotels in Bath. The Queensberry Hotel and the Royal Crescent Hotel are the top dogs in the hotel hierarchy. For eating Popjoy's Restaurant at Beau Nash House, Saw Close, is well regarded. Number 5 Bistro is good for a light snack ( 5 Argyle Street).  [cloudtravel]

I loved my quick visit to Bath a few years ago.

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