WiFi Best Practices

WiFi Best Practices.  Jeff Flax does not like WiFi. Not At All. He says:

Placing a wireless access point (antenna) on a firm’s system reduces the security of the network to the “hackability” of the wireless system. This is like putting a wall around the White House, but then leaving open the backdoor of the place, guarded only by a rent-a-cop. I would bet your next paycheck (maybe even part of mine) that you simply cannot make the wireless network access point even a fraction as secure as the rest of your network. …

Do the benefits of wireless outweigh the significant risks? Sure, it’s convenient, even fun. But it is not secure; hence, in my judgment, it cannot be appropriately justified on any computer or network on which confidential and/or privileged materials are stored or communicated. What would your local state bar or ethics board say to a careless release of confidential client information over a wireless connection? Maybe someday they will figure out how to make it secure. But until then you won’t see it on my networks or computers.

For those of us, like me, determined to try it anyway, Jeff Beard has an excellent checklist of WiFi security measures at Law Tech Guru that may somewhat lessen the risk.  [Netlawblog]

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